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GetTaxi App

Passenger Application

Reliable Taxi Booking App for passengers for booking a taxi on any occasion to get the service of pick up drivers. The app needs registration of users and just once payment authentication authorized credit card/ PayPal is processed for future payments. this enables convenient usage of the app for requesting rides anytime since machine-driven fare estimation & payment facility is enclosed. Once the rider themselves on the map and set the destination, can request for the ride and any close driver will pickup the rider. once finishing the trip, riders will rate the motive force and supply review concerning the travel expertise in passenger app.


Features of GetTaxi App

Passenger Application

Scheduled Ride

Now book a taxi to ride for later


Verify the passengers using SMS

Estimate the Fare

Passengers can now know the fare for their travel in advance

Peak Time Pricing

Peak Time pricing can be set by taxi business owners

Real Time Tracking

Passenger can track the driver in real time.

Trip Cancellation

Trips can be cancelled with a reason and as per the refund norms


Expected Time of Arrival can be viewed

Location Storage

Passenger can save their location which they frequently visit

SOS Panic Button

SMS alert can be sent if there is any distress

Rating and Reviews

Drivers and trip rated by your passenger

Payment Methods

Integration of multiple payment methods

Customer Support

Support feature is built-in within the app

Why Choose GetTaxi App

What We Do For You



We have a dedicated support team to set up each step along with your team, and our folks are on web site to provide with traning, support and help whereas you become comfy with GetTaxi.


We offer you our solution as a totally customisable white-label taxi app and that we would comprehend customised for you.


You can customize charges for the advanced vehicle according to your choice. Through GetTaxi app, you'd be ready to show estimates, fixed rates and discounts to completely go with your customers desires.